Control Theory

Course in English Master Program

Neptun code: BMEKOKAM142 and BMEKOKAM122

Classes are held at different rooms (see Course schedule below)

Max. 2 absences are allowed in the semester.

There will be 2 midterm exams in the semester. Final evaluation is calculated as the mean of the midterm exams.


Course schedule


Lecture Notes in Control


Exercises in Control


Lin-log paper for Bode plot



Matlab can be downloaded freely under BME IP network (Campus license):

BME VPN access and Matlab install


Matlab_code_for Bode_plot


Midterm exam samples:

Midterm exam I. 2016

Midterm exam I. retake 2016

Midterm exam II. 2016

Midterm exam I. 2017

Midterm exam I. retake 2017

Midterm exam II. 2017

Midterm exam I. 2018

Midterm exam II 2019