MSc Thesis Topics

MSc Thesis Topic supervisor
Driver categorization based on vehicle motion and trajectory data András Mihály
Multiple Fault-Tolerant In-Wheel Vehicle Control Based on High-level Control Reconfiguration András Mihály
Reconfiguration control of in-wheel electric vehicle based on battery state of charge András Mihály
Design of the optimal motions of autonomous vehicles in intersections Balázs Németh
Modeling driver behaviour in relation to the autonomous vehicles Balázs Németh
Improving safety management system at the phase of specification: Assessment and formal methods and evaluating their efficiency Géza Szabó
Safety design (including safety management) of a railway interlocking component; nonsafety PLCs Géza Szabó
Design of integrated vehicle control for trajectory tracking Péter Gáspár
Fault-tolerant control design for trajectory tracking in driver assistance systems Péter Gáspár
Image-based Lane Keeping Control using End-to-End Machine Learning Szilárd Aradi
Lateral Vehicle Control with Reinforcement Learning Methods Szilárd Aradi
Feasible trajectory planning of a dynamic vehicle model by using hierarchical predictive method Tamás Bécsi
Object tracking based on radar data for multiple vehicle sensor network, by using particle filtering methods Tamás Bécsi
Application of Artifical Intelligence in road traffic (data mining, clustering) Tamás Tettamanti
Objective function definition for autonomous car routing. Assessing the routing of individuals and the socially optimal routing. Tamás Tettamanti
Microscopic traffic simulation (VISSIM or SUMO) to model and assess intelligent parking management strategies (P+R, route guidance) Tamás Tettamanti
Combind control of urban platooning and traffic light (simulated in SUMO) Tamás Tettamanti
Methodology for the optimal allocation of signalized intersections based on multiple factors Tamás Tettamanti
Traffic simulation and optimal control with Siemens Aimsun Next SW (with the support of Siemens Hungary) Tamás Tettamanti
Analysis of eco-friendly cruise control systems in traffic scenarios Zsuzsanna Bede
Impact of cruise control on the traffic flow from the macroscopic point of view Zsuzsanna Bede
Simulation-based analysis of mixed traffic flow using VISSIM software environment Zsuzsanna Bede
Implementing sensor models (RADAR or LiDAR) into Unity 3D game engine Varga Balázs
Calibration of microscopic road traffic simulator based on improved genetic algorithm. (to improve the accuracy and convergence speed of the genetic algorithm) Xuan Fang
Variable speed limit control at weaving sections of the urban freeway with the implementation of Connected and Autonomous vehicles or  Analyzing the impacts of Automated Vehicles on the urban freeway weaving sections Xuan Fang
Neural Network architecture design taking into account transportation peculiarities Arthur Couto Piazzi
Application of AI in urban traffic monitoring for temporal and spatial estimation Arthur Couto Piazzi