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Modelling railway switch machines for functional and reliability aims.

2014-09-30 09.32.58As one of the most safety critical elements in railway infrastructure is the switch, the aim of the research is to detect the failres of the switch itself and the point machine including locking mechanism based on measurement of the electrical parameters. During the research we modell different point machine types and with the aim of the modell we establish the relationship between measurable parameters from the electric interface of the switching mechanism and the railway track side physical properties. Beside this, we identify, which trach side parameters must be measered for a propepr failure detection; which measuring and data transfer methods can be applied.

Géza Szabó

Definition of controlled area selection in centralized railway traffic control with workload based methods

This topic is mirror topic of “Define of air traffic control sectorization with workload based methods”. The aim of this research is to determine such an optimal controlled area for an actual and scheduled traffic situation which can be handled efficiently and safely by one operator in a railway traffic control centre.

Géza Szabó