Károly, Gyenes Ph.D.


Studies, Degrees

Telecommunication high school (1963)

Engineer electric M.Sc. Technical Univ. of Budapest (1968)

Postgarduate Diplom of Integrated Circuit Technics (1973)

Dr univ (1976)

Ph.D. (2000)



Associate professor, Vice Dean



H-1111 Budpest Bertalan Lajos u.2. Z. bdg.

Tel: (36)-1-463-1993

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Place and Date of Birth

April 22. 1945. Veszprém, Hungary



English, German



Hungarian Telecommunication Enterprise Ltd (1968-1971)

Technical University of Budapest

assistant (1971- 1976)

assistant professor (1976-2000)

associate professor (2000 - )


Research Fields

Fail-safe raiway interlocking systems (HW, SW, validation, certification)

Intelligent vehicle tracking systems (GPS, WiFi)

Microcontroller aplications for traffic controlling







Undergraduate (B.Sc)  and graduate (M.Sc) courses in hungarian:

Computing, Computer Hardware, Electronics

B.Sc. courses in english: Computing

M.Sc. courses in english: Computer Hardware, Data Processing

Postgraduate (Ph.D) courses in english:

Traffic Control, Computerised Interlocking Systems



dr K.Gyenes : Remote Controlled Traffic for Small Railway Stations
(Periodica Politechnika Vol.26.PP. 89-100. 1998. )
dr. K. Gyenes: Digital Signal Processing
Tempus Project JEP 97-H Intcom 1999. Education material
Dr K.Gyenes : Intelligent Vehicle Follover System Controlled
by Satellite Elektrotechnika Vol.LV. 2000/11. Pp.61.

K. Gyenes : Development of a remote controlled traffic for small
railway stations.
( Information Day, Bruxelles Congress Center 1996.23.sep)

K. Gyenes : The questions of the safety data transmission at the
railway. ( Information Day, Bruxelles Congress Center 1997.3.
March and 29. Sept.)