István, Hrivnák Dr.


Studies, Degrees

MSc in Transportation engineering(1984)
dr.univ (1989)


senior lecturer



H-1111 Budapest Bertalan Lajos u.2. Z. ép.V.em.

Tel: (36)-1-463-1111/5533

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Place and Date of Birth

Tótkomlós, 23.05.1960



English, Russian, Slovakian



scholar on the academy, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (1984-1987)

researcher, BUTE, Dept. of Control and Transport Automation (1987-1992)

senior lecturer, BUTE, Dept. of Control and Transport Automation (1992-)

managing director, Tran-SYS Ltd. (1994-


Research Fields

simulation of railway interlocking, railway IT






Electrotecnics I., II., II. (1985-)
Process Control I. (1985-)
Railway Automation (1985-1991)
Computing I., II. (1991-1995)
Traffic Control Centres (1996-1999)
IBM compatible PCs (1989-1998)
"C" Programming Language (1989-)
Electronics and Electronic Measurement Syatems (2009-)



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Bozsóki Z., Hrivnák I., Parádi F.: Real Time Simulation for Planning and Teaching
of Railway Operation Process. The 9th International Conference, Exhibition and
Network for Training, Education and Simulation, ITEC98. Lausanne. Svájc. 1998.


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