Emission Modeling and Control

The greatest challenge of modern engineering is the design for sustainable development. In case of road traffic engineering a guiding principle of this aim is the reduction of emission and fuel consumption. Our research aims at creating traffic and emission models and designing control to abate environmental pollution.

Based on the microscopic emission models (Copert, HBEFA) of different pollutants (such as CO, CO2, NOX, HC) and the macroscopic description of traffic flow a complex traffic-emission model was created. A controller for traffic emission optimization will be designed based on the complex model after its validation. The final goal is to establish a multi-criteria control that also optimizes fuel consumption and emission of traffic in addition to the classic objective function: travel times.

A complex traffic-emission model was elaborated based on the macroscopic description of traffic flow
- Modeling of air pollutant concentration in residential areas.
- Control design for the stabilization of shock waves and emission reduction on freeway.
- The figures depict an example for CO pollutant concentration without (left) and with control measures. (right)

Related Publication:
Csikós A, Tettamanti T and Varga I (2014), "Modeling of emission in urban traffic networks" (Research Report no. SCL-001/2014)

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