Deep Learning Approach for Spatial Extension of Traffic Sensor Points in Urban Road Network


Co-simulation with SUMO and Unreal Engine 4


Co-simulation with SUMO and Unity


Vehicle-in-the-Loop (ViL) simulation test in ZalaZone test track - Autonomous Valet Parking Demo


Vehicle-In-the-Loop Test Environment for Autonomous Driving with SUMO Microscopic Traffic Simulation


Autonomous intersection in SUMO traffic simulator


Automatic Incident Detection simulated in Vissim (MSc Thesis of Márton Tamás Horváth)


Smart signal head: (BSc Thesis of Géza Jenes)


PLC controlled traffic lights interfaced with SUMO traffic simulator


A demo VISSIM video made by János Polgár: District 6, Budapest


Freeway traffic control by coordinated ramp metering and variable speed limits (MSc Thesis of Tamás Tettamanti)


Traffic signal plan development for the coordinated railway-road intersections in the city of Gödöllő (Master's Thesis of Máté Dohány)


R+D for autonomous vehicles and traffic systems at Budapest University of Technology and Economics