Our labs

Vehicle mechatronics lab


  • Tools for developing fast prototypes: NI CompactDAQ modular measurement system, NI CompactRio embedded, modular control and measurement system.
  • Development of Connected Car system: Bluetooth-CAN and LIN gateways, Android / iOS development systems
  • Go-cart with electric-drive and steering, quadcopter

Control and Air-Traffic lab

irtech legi

  • Special measurement boards and instruments tools for measurement and experiment of digital technology, pneumatics, PLC technology and brushless DC electric motor.
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and magnetic levitation experimental equipment for the education of control theory.
  • Education of National Instruments Labview. NI MyDAQ universal data acquisition device for vehicle mechatronic emulation environment and measurements.

Road transportation lab


  • Micro- and macroscopic modelling of road traffic: highway traffic, automatic incident detection, urban transport, emission modelling.
  • Road traffic control: highway traffic control, urban traffic, privilege of public transport.
  • ITS applications: measurement and estimate of road traffic parameters, utilization of cell phone network data in the transportation, application of machine intelligence

Electronics lab

  • Instrumentation for basic electrical measurements.
  • Measurements of motor–generator machine groups.
  • Basic circuit measurements of active electronic components.


Railway automation lab


  • Demonstration of PLC realization of safety critical systems.
  • Mechanical railway interlocking components.
  • General interlocking components.
  • Interlocking operator panel.
  • Light signalling with modifiable signalling state.
  • Main control clock with accessory clock network.
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