Topics on the field of vehicle mechatronics

Integrated control design of road vehicles

Many actuators play role in the design of the trajectory of a vehicle simultaneously (driveline, steering, break, and suspension, anti-roll) and their coordinated operation guarantees different quality requirements.

The aim of the research is to design methods and algorithms for integrated control of road vehicle, ensuring the above mentioned coordinated operation and the priorities. During the design the dynamic interactions, the priority of the actuators, available sensors and actuators, communication options and the environment factors have to be considered..

Dr. Péter Gáspár

Vehicle control design based on driver model

2Research on the driver model resulted in significant results both theoretically and practically as well, and the integration of the results into control tasks covers a great potential. In the last decades the scientific researches achieved noteworthy results of the cognition of information processing of the brain, which effected the evolution of the driver models.

The target of the research is to build a driver model, which takes into account the vehicle dynamics as well as the talents of the gathering information and processing operations of the driver. The model considers the specialties (learning, practice, age) of the person. During the modelling of the brain process with relatively simple tools the ultimate goal is integrating the driver model with vehicle model, which operating realistically during the driving.

Dr. Péter Gáspár

The decrease of the column swinging of the one columnar storage stackers with using control theory methods.

felrakOne of the high warehouse performance’s determining factor is the performance of the material handling systems. The basic requirements of the modern stock stackers are fast service and the reliable and economical operation. Therefore, the facilities dynamic loads are often very high in the high warehouses, whose frame construction is for keeping the manufacturing cost low level with minimal use of material. These structures are sensitive for dynamic loads, during the operation due to the different types of the generated effects in the column structure formed by undesired vibrations. These vibrations effects cause the deterioration of the stability of the structure and the accuracy of the repositions, in extreme cases results in the damage of the structure. .

Sándor Hajdú


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