Our research topics on automated air transportation

Workload based methods to define air traffic control sectorization

The aim of the research is to establish methods suitable to define the objective workload of air traffic controllers. Based on this the optimal control number for a given (or a predicted) air traffic situation and the treated areas (sectorization) will be determinable by operators. The research aims the optimization of the applicable parameter set for the methods also. Above of this, the goal of the research was to develop a software, which is able to:

  • Give suggestion about the applicable sector combination from traffic plan data.
  • Evaluating the applied sector combination based on real-time data, generating alerts in case of overload of the operators.
  • Adaptively modify internal parameterization based on actual data.

At the current stage of the research the identification and determination of the relevance of the parameter set was performed by using neutral network model.

Dr. Géza Szabó

Safety analysis of air traffic control with integrated management of human and technical components

The aim of the research is to unify the analysis of the complex systems of human and technical solutions. The goal is to develop a component model, which universally applicable for the technical based system parts and implemented functions by people as well. Further aim is to explore additional development and modifications needs of the Safety Management Systems based on the output information of the safety analysis. We would like to demonstrate the practical applicability of the theoretical approaches through the analysis of the air traffic control.

Dr. Géza Szabó


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