Our research topics on railway transportation transportation

Centralized Traffic Control


Concept for the centralized traffic control of the railway network of Hungarian State Railways

  • organization structure,
  • traffic and technical rules, operation

Technical background

  • automatic route setting
  • connection to information systems
  • automatic trackside train monitoring
  • signaling aspects
  • safety and reliability


Structural proposal for the network of Hungarian State Railways, MÁV.

  • Research on the technical, operational and economic issues of centralized traffic control. R&D project. Principal: MÁV Zrt. (2011-2012)

On-board Equipment for Railway Rolling Stock


  • Development of on-board equipment for locomotives
  • Safety assessment of on-board systems


  • Safety assessment of radio remote control interface unit for a diesel shunting locomotive, M47-1331, Principal: MÁV-TRAKCIÓ (2010)
  • SAFEDMI. Safe Driver Machine Interface (DMI) for ERTMS automatic train control. EU 6th FP. Partners: BME Department of Measurement and Information Systems, Ansaldo Signal. Aalborg University, AZD Praha. (2007-2008)
  • Specification of integration of service timetable in on-board equipment. (2008)

Development of Safety-Critical Systems


  • Consultancy in development of safety-critical systems
  • Expertise, analysis, testing
  • Independent safety assessment


  • Independent safety assessment of railway safety data transmission system, ProSigma, developed by Prolan Zrt. (2011)
  • Concept for automatic checking of relay units of railway signaling systems. R&D project. Principal: MÁV Zrt. (2008, 2010)
  • Safety analysis of a safety relay, type H-466-1370, produced by Hengstler (2008)
  • Safety certification framework for guided transport systems. R&D project. Partners: BME Department of Measurement and Information Systems, Department of Control and Information Systems University of Žilina, SZIE Department of Automation, Prolan Zrt., Műszerautomatika Zrt. (2005-2006)

Hazard and Risk Analysis


  • Hazard and Risk Analysis in Railway Transportation
  • Risk-based safety target specification


  • Safety and risk analysis and safety target specification (SIL-allocation) for remote control systems in railway signaling (2005, 2013, 2014)
  • Hazard and risk analysis for operation and control system AKF from Alcatel and Prolan (2005)

Railway Control Systems and Components


  • Concept of railway control systems
  • Requirement specification of railway control systems and components
  • Specification of interlocking functions
  • Customer requirement specification
  • Analysis of technical and safety specifications


  • Electronic dispatching of locomotive drivers (2008)
  • Automatic trackside train monitoring systems (2008)
  • Point machine registration and diagnostics (2010)

Urban railway


  • Hazard and risk analysis
  • Safety functions
  • Acceptance, approval and certification processes


  • MODUrban - Modular Urban Guided Rail Systems. EU VI. FP project. More than 30 European partners (2005-2008)
  • MODSafe. Modular Urban Transport Safety and Security Analysis. EU FP7 project. WP7 (Acceptance, Approval and Certification) leader. (2008-2012)

Energetics of Electric Traction


  • Analysis of overhead catenary network
  • Single-vehicle optimization
    • analysis of driving characteristics
    • driver aid algorithms
    • optimization for speed limits and gradients
    • model validation with simulation and real data
    • implementation options in on-board systems.
  • Analysis of traffic aspects
    • simulation with OpenTrack
    • energy consumption vs. travelling time optimization
    • simulated results with real vehicle and track parameters