Mechatronics, microcomputers



Lecture 1. - Introduction, Computer Architectures

Lecture 2. - IC Technology, Logical Networks

Lecture 3. - Encoding, Number Representations in Computing, Aritmetic Operations, Part 1.

Lecture 4. - Arithmetic Operations, Part 2.

Lecture 5. - Arithmetic Operations, Part 3.

Lecture 6.Realization of Binary Operations.


Szilard Aradi Lectures

Lecture 1 - C programming summary

Lecture 2 - MCU basics and architectures

Lecture 3 - CPU, ALU operation, Registers, Memories

Lecture 4 - I/O ports, Timer/Counter

Lecture 5 - Interrupts, A/D converter and comparator

Atmel ATmega128 Manual

Atmel ATmega128 Instruction Set Summary

Atmel 8-bit AVR Instruction Set

2nd midterm: 16:15, 11 December 2019., St. 122

2nd midterm example test


Results midterm



Introduction to Integrated Circuit Technology


Atmel AVR

Basic program frame

C project template

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