PhD topics

Our department provides the opportunity for the best graduate students to study and research in the faculty’s PhD programme.

Our topics include vehicle control and dynamics; mechatronics; self-driving cars and machine learning; road traffic modelling and control.

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Current topics


Title: Research and development of methods for driver assistance systems

The research aims at finding solutions based on information from different environmental sensors, such as LIDAR/Radar and vision based systems. The goal is to develop sensor and sensor fusion algorithms that help design intelligent vehicles. Contact: Tamás Bécsi, PhD

Title: Research on cooperative behavior of autonomous vehicles

The doctoral program aims at researching advanced driver support functions for various intelligent vehicle systems. The goal is to find new solutions by using V2X communication, while considering the expectations of safe road transport and the feasibility of control of vehicle groups. The research is aimed at controlling vehicles that communicate with their environment, using the new information that has been acquired to develop intelligent transportation systems.Contact: Tamás Bécsi, PhD

Title: Designing autonomous road vehicle decision models using artificial intelligence

The doctoral program aims at the research of the future directions of autonomous vehicles. Based on the information available of the different sensors of vehicles, the goal is to develop machine learning algorithms, especially on the area of reinforcement learning that can robustly perform the required task. Contact: Szilárd Aradi, PhD

Title: Developing model-based trajectory planning and state-estimation methods for autonomous road vehicles

The goal of the research is twofold. The first is the evaluation of the current motion planning techniques, and the development of feasible and customizable trajectory planners for self driving cars, and the second is to provide fast and reliable estimation on the feasibility of maneuvers considering vehicle dynamics. Contact: Tamás Bécsi, PhD

Title: Intelligent parking management strategies (P+R, route guidance, dynamic pricing)

The research aims a thorough analysis and evaluation of intelligent parking management strategies by using microscopic/macroscopic traffic simulators. Also, different traffic control algorithms must be developed for autonomous/automated parking management with special focus on P+R, route guidance, dynamic pricing. Contact: Tamás Tettamanti, PhD

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